Cosmetics are a slice of dream. They are to be functional as well as attractive to wear, for a total adoption by consumers. Fashion is not just pretty colors and new textures, but a rare combination of foresight, taste and performance in products. Some strong trends are directives to where fashion is moving, but the creation of fashion and sales are essentially outcomes of breakthrough technology.

Each cosmetic project at SP. Labs is custom tailored to suit your brand. We will take into account your market areas, your existing product range and any specific requirements you may have.

Skin care, sun care and colour care are the three areas of excellence in which SP. Labs offers products and formulations.

Skin Care

The focus of skin care is in functional anti-age products where excellent performance and unique texture is highlighted. We offer various formulations of creams, serums and masks for all skin types.

Sun Care

SP. Labs is highly specialized in sun protection and you can relay on our strong expertise, which is backed up by our well-equipped analytical laboratory. We offer sun care products with various sun protection factors.

Colour Care

SP. Labs combines creativity with science. We offer a new generation of colour care formulations with functionality and visual impact. We are specialized in foundations, lip glosses and powders.