SP. Labs specializes in custom tailored skin care, sun care and colour care products utilizing the most advanced technologies. We follow the legislations and regulations closely worldwide, and we have good market knowledge and insight on global scale. We take care of everything all the way from product development, efficacy testing and claim substantiation to the manufacturing of the bulk product.

SP. Labs offers a full service from concepts and formulations to product dossiers, claims substantiation and package labeling data. We are familiar with patenting procedures and we can assist our customers in all patent related issues.

Patents along with our R&D re-sources and market knowledge are available to our customers. SP. Labs operates according to cGMP and each project is custom tailored to suit your brand. We will take into account your market areas, your existing product ranges and any specific requirements you may have.

Our Technical Competence

• Broad raw material knowledge
• Updated information on legislations and regulations world wide and full dossier service
• Patent support
• Wide formulating experience
• Fully equipped laboratory for R&D and product development covering microscopy (SEM, TEM), spectroscopy (UV- and FTIR-spectrometers, colourspectrometer), chromatography (CG, HPLC, CG/MS), rheology, surface chemistry (Zeta potential, B.E.T., particle size analyzer) and wet chemistry.
• Readiness for final product testing (SPF in vitro, TEWL, skin hydration, skin elasticity and skin stripping)